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Air Pillow Machine and Film

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Air Pillow Machines

Mini Air Easi 2 Air Pillow Machine

Stock#: MA-EA2




  / Each of 1

Mini Air Pro II Air Cushion Machine

Stock#: MA-PROII




  / Each of 1

Mini Air Clasi & PRO Film Rolls

Mini Air EASi Film Rolls

Mini Air EA2 Air Filler Film

Stock#: MA-EA2-FILL




  / Case of 4 RLS

Mini Air EA2 Air Bubble Wrapper

Stock#: MA-EA2-WR




  / Case of 2 RLS

8 x 4 air pillow film for easi machine

Stock#: MA-EASI-100




  / Case of 4 RLS

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Featured Above: MA-EA2 & MA-CLASI Machines
Air pillow packaging is the future of warehouse packaging to save on packaging and shipping costs, build your company image, and provide sustainable packaging that safely ship your products. These air cushion machines use puncture-resistant high density polyethylene film that form 8 inch wide by 4 to 10 inch pillows to surround your packaged goods. Inflatable packaging systems are the most eco-friendly option of void fill and creates filler that is reusable and recyclable. We are one of the leading air pillow machines suppliers and products suppliers.

Advantages of Air Pillow Machines

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