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Square Mailing Tubes

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Square Mailing Tubes

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Square Mailing Tubes

These Square Mailing Tubes have a standard square shape, that makes inserting and removing contents easy. They are ideal for the storage or mailing of documents, blueprints, etc. Our Mailing tubes are made from strong 200#-B oyster white corrugated cardboard. They ship and store flat to save on both shipping and warehouse space and are constructed with Locking tabs that require no tape when assembling the square tube.

There are several types of mailing tubes to pick from, including telescoping tubes, round tubes, crimped end mailing tubes, triangular tubes, and square tubes. While each of these solutions has advantages and disadvantages, square mailing tubes are frequently the superior choice for a variety of reasons. What makes square mailing tubes superior to other types of mailing tubes?


Superior Protection:


One of the main reasons square mailing tubes are preferable to other forms of mailing tubes is their higher protection. Square mailing tubes are made to uniformly distribute the weight of their contents, lowering the danger of breakage during transportation. This is especially critical for artifacts like artwork, posters, and documents that are fragile or sensitive to bending or crushing.


Round mailing tubes, on the other hand, are more likely to be damaged since they roll around during transportation. The contents may shift and become damaged as a result, especially if the tube is dropped or jostled during transportation.


While also providing higher protection, square tubes provide a more secure closing than other forms of tubes. Many square tubes contain a locking tab that secures the contents inside and prevents them from falling out during delivery. This is especially critical for precious or important products that must arrive in one piece.


Easier to Store:


Square mailing tubes also have the advantage of being easier to store than other forms of tubes. They may be stacked more readily than round or triangular tubes since they have a flat base. This is especially useful for firms or people who need to store a big number of postal tubes.


In addition to being easy to stack, they take up less space than other forms of tubes. Because there is less wasted space between each tube, they may be stored more efficiently. This is especially significant for organizations that must keep a high number of postal tubes in a limited amount of space.


More Versatile:


Square mailing tubes are more versatile than other forms of tubes. They can hold a wider range of materials, such as artwork, documents, posters, and even little items such as pens or pencils. This is due to the square shape's ability to safely ship a larger range of sizes and forms.


Round tubes, on the other hand, have restricted applicability because they can only contain cylindrical things. While triangular tubes are more versatile than round tubes, their applications are still limited due to their more specialized design.




Square tubes are less expensive than other types of tubes. This is due to the fact that they are frequently built from recycled materials and require less material to make. This can assist firms in saving money on packing costs, which is especially crucial for small enterprises or those on a tight budget.


Square mailing tubes are not only economical, but they are also environmentally beneficial. They have a smaller environmental impact than other types of tubes because they are constructed from recycled materials. This is a crucial concern for companies aiming to lower their carbon footprint.


There are various advantages to using square mailing tubes over other forms of mailing tubes. They provide better protection, are easier to store, are more versatile, and can be less expensive than other types of tubes. Square mailing tubes are an ideal solution for organizations or individuals seeking for a dependable and quick way to transport their merchandise.

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