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Crimped End Mailing Tubes

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Crimped End Mailing Tubes

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Tubes are fast and easy to close and stay closed - no need for tape. Ends open easily allowing them to be reused. Sizes listed are the usable inside space of the tube. Actual tube lengths are longer. Tubes are 3-ply spiral wound. Crimped ends snap closed, securing its contents inside; no Plastic End Caps, staples, tape or glue needed. These reusable Capless Snap-Seal mail tubes are constructed of spiral wound 3-ply 1/16" fiberboard making them resistant to crushing. Tubes are also recyclable.

Why Use Snap Seal Mailing Tubes

  • They eliminate the need for tape and end plugs.
  • Snap seal mailing tubes are the most economical shipping tubes we offer.
  • Crimped end mailing tubes are least expensive tubes, they still have the same strong rigid cardboard structure.
  • To load papers, posters, artwork, maps, blue-prints and more, simply crimp one end with your fingers and slide your shipment in the open end.
  • The snap and seal type of mailing tube can easily be open and closed saving time.

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