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3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes

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3 Pc. Telescopic Tubes

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3 Piece Telescopic mail tubes (also known as adjustable mailing tubes) are a perfect solution for shipping a variety of different size documents. Because the inner tube slides up and down (telescoping) to make the perfect size for your tube for your shipment. Telescopic tubes are made from 1/8" thick spiral wound fiberboard and are available in either kraft or red. To close the tubes, use the metal end caps, with a 6" joint overlap that ensures the mailing tube contents are secure for shipment.

3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes are a sort of mailing tube with various advantages over other types of mailing tubes. Here are some of the reasons why they are superior:

  • Adjustable Length: 3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes feature an adjustable length, unlike other mailing tubes. The tube is divided into three sections that can be stretched or compressed to accommodate the size of the item being sent. This removes the requirement for several tube diameters while also reducing the amount of packaging material needed.
  • Secure Closure: 3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes include a secure sealing system that keeps the contents secure while transportation. The tube end caps fit securely onto the tube and can be sealed with tape or a clamp to prevent the tube from opening during transport.
  • Durable Material: The 3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes are built of high-quality, durable materials that keep the contents safe during shipment. They are frequently made of heavy-duty cardboard or plastic, which can withstand rough handling while preserving the contents from moisture and other environmental factors.
  • Easy to Use: 3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes are easy to use and construct. They may be easily stretched or deflated to accommodate the delivery object, and the end caps can be fastened in place without the use of any additional tools or equipment.

3 Piece Telescopic Mail Tubes are more flexible and secure than other mailing tubes. Because of their customizable length, secure closure system, and robust materials, they are a superior alternative for shipping a variety of things.

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