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Are biohazard waste bags the same thing as medical waste bags?

Biohazard waste bags and medical waste bags are similar in that they are both designed to safely contain and dispose of hazardous materials. However, there are some differences between the two types of bags.


Biohazard waste bags are typically used to contain biological materials that pose a potential risk to human health or the environment. These materials can include blood, body fluids, or other infectious materials. Biohazard waste bags are designed to prevent the spread of these materials by containing them in a secure and leak-proof bag. These bags are often red or orange in color and may have a biohazard symbol printed on them.


Medical waste bags, on the other hand, are used to contain a wider range of materials generated by healthcare facilities. These may include biohazardous materials, but can also include non-infectious items such as packaging materials, unused medical supplies, or expired medications. Medical waste bags are typically color-coded according to the type of waste they contain, with red bags often used for biohazardous waste and yellow bags used for non-infectious medical waste.


Overall, while there is some overlap between biohazard waste bags and medical waste bags, the main difference is that biohazard waste bags are typically used to contain infectious materials that pose a risk to human health, while medical waste bags are used to contain a wider range of materials generated by healthcare facilities. Both types of bags are designed to safely contain and dispose of hazardous materials, but they may have different requirements for storage, handling, and disposal.

Our high-visibility medical waste bags are marked with the international biohazard symbol, or you can choose to custom print with your specific requirements. Each pre-printed biohazard trash bag is printed with English and Spanish messages to ensure proper handling and safety.

Biohazard Bag Features:

  • Thicker than standard trash bags for increased puncture and tear resistance. 
  • Each color represents a different type of medical waste for proper handling. Red for infectious waste, yellow for infectious linen, and blue for soiled linen. 
  • Meets the DOT requirements defined in the Code of Federal Regulations in Title 49 CFR 173.197m, Regulated Medical Waste.

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