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Trash Bags

7-16 Gallons Trash Bags

MULTI USE - Great for the standard wastebasket found in home and commercial kitchens worldwide. These 7 to 16 gallon garbage bags are designed to hold general food and office waste, rags, linens, newspapers and other types of trash.

The 7-16 gallon black trash can liners are the smaller size trash bags we offer. These trash bags are offered in clear, natural and black color garbage bags. Each garbage can liner is designed to snugly fit the standard trash bins and wastebasket found in home, commercial kitchens, and small office trash cans. All 7 to 16 gallon size trash bag liners are perfectly tailored to avoid slipping yet with ample material to make closing a cinch. These trash bags are your bin's perfect match. Made from puncture-proof black opaque resin that does an excellent job of hiding garbage that is best left unseen, this thick and tough bag is up for any mess your kitchen will make. Cheers to a bag that is as durable as it is dependable.

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