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40-48 Gallon Trash Bags

40-48 Gallon Trash Bags

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40 - 48 gallon trash bags are extra large can liners that fit most 40-45 gallon trash bag cans. We offer various styles and materials of this size trash bag for just about any purpose that you have. Try our Bag Selector to find the right size for your needs.

  • High Density 40-45 gallon trash bags are great for the general office use for kitchen refuse and papers that cannot be recycled.
  • Regular Duty, Heavy Duty and Super Duty Linear Low Density trash bags are great for general rubbish that may have a combination of heavy and light articles as well as things that have jagged and sharp edges.
  • PCR Trash Bags are made from reprocessed, recycled Post Consumer Recyclable polyethylene and are still strong enough to get the job done.
  • We also offer one oversized 40-45 gallon biodegradable trash bags that is actually a 48 gallon Eco friendly Trash Bag option.
  • Are you looking for medical trash bags

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