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Static Shielding Bags

Static Shielding Bags
Static shielding bags provide a static safe environment for ESD Sensitive devices such as circuit boards or electronic sensors. Commonly used in transport between ESD-safe environments or for long-term storage. Our static shielding bags are strong enough to hold up to electronic components with sharp edges.

Static Shield Bag Features:

What are static shield bags made from?

Plastic static shielding bags are a type of protective packaging designed to protect electronic components and devices from electrostatic discharge (ESD). These bags are made from a specialized plastic material that provides a barrier to static electricity, preventing static charges from damaging the components inside.


Static shielding bags are typically made from a multi-layered plastic film that includes a layer of metalized polyester or other conductive material sandwiched between layers of antistatic or static-dissipative material. This multi-layered design provides a high level of protection against static electricity, making them ideal for use in areas where there is a high risk of electrostatic discharge, such as cleanrooms or other controlled environments.


These bags are available in various sizes and shapes, from small, single-use bags to larger, reusable bags that can be used for transporting and storing larger electronic devices. They may also come with different closure options, such as zip-lock closures or heat-sealed closures, to provide a secure seal and protect the contents from moisture and other contaminants.


Static shielding bags are particularly useful for components that are sensitive to static electricity, such as printed circuit boards, microchips, and other delicate electronic devices. By providing a barrier to static electricity, these bags help ensure that the components arrive at their destination in good condition, free from damage or degradation.


Plastic static shielding bags are an essential tool for protecting electronic components and devices from electrostatic discharge. They are an effective way to prevent damage to delicate devices during transport or storage, and are an essential component of any electronics manufacturing or assembly process.

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