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The Seco Pack 88-3 series is a three layer Anti-Static Cushion Pouch for static dissapative cushioning with a double track red line Anti-Static zipper closure. The outer layer is Pink Anti-Static poly followed by an internal layer of Pink Anti-Static bubble, and an inner layer of Pink Anti-Static poly. The internal surface is smooth for the ease of inserting objects. Meets Electrical Specifications of MIL-PRF-8170D Type II, PPP-C 795C Class II.

Seco Pack 88 - Zipper Locking Cellular Cushion Pouch Bags

  • No corrosion to polcarbonate boards - No ethoxylated tertiary amine
  • Static Free Bubble is not affected by humidity or temperature
  • Melting Point: 694°F
  • Flammability is not classified. Polymer will burn but does not easily ignite
  • Non-oily, non-allergenic
  • Electronic Packaging Products Info Sheet

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