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Preform Shrink Bands


205 mm x 45 mm Preform Shrink Bands

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205mm x 45mm Preform Shrink Bands

Stock #: PSB0220545

Our excellent customer service reps will assist you from start to finish. We may need a sample of your container to determine the proper size and style of shrink band.

205mm x 45mm Preform Shrink Bands are used for single containers or multi-packs joining two products in their own protective band. 2 mil Shrink Bands create a safety seal and tamper proofing for fruits, salads and vegetables.


  • Create tamper-evident packaging for bottles and jars quickly and easily.
  • Shrink with Heat Guns
  • Use with bottles or jars


  • Create a safety seal and tamper proofing.
  • Seal lids on thermoformed containers.
  • Superior reflective properties improve appeal for single items and multipack promotions.


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