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Shrink Bands

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Shrink Bands

Our line of tamper-evident shrink bands, which are made from food-grade PVC & Polyolefin, are FDA-compliant and are designed to make your deli containers safer and more secure. These shrink bands are manufactured to fit around the lids of a wide range of deli container sizes and then heat-shrunk for a custom secure fit. They ensure a tight seal that is clear yet visible to show if someone has tampered with the contents of the package. The clear, long-lasting shrink band keeps the goods fresh and gives the product a sleek, professional look that makes it more appealing. These bands add an extra layer of safety without sacrificing convenience. This makes them an important choice for businesses that want to maintain the highest standards of food safety and customer trust.

Frequently Asked Questions Shrink Bands

How do I apply heat shrink bands to my product?

Typically, the answer involves explaining the process of slipping the band over the top of the product (such as a jar, bottle, or container) and then applying heat evenly around the band using a heat gun, heat tunnel, or even a blow dryer in some cases. The band shrinks to fit snugly around the lid or cap and the upper part of the container, providing a tamper-evident seal.

Are heat shrink bands compatible with my type of container or product?

Customers often inquire about the compatibility of heat shrink bands with different types of containers, such as glass jars, plastic bottles, or metal lids. The response usually covers the range of materials and sizes available for heat shrink bands and how to choose the right size and material for specific applications, including considerations for the heat sensitivity of the product or container.

Are heat shrink bands safe for food packaging?

Safety is a paramount concern, especially for products intended for consumption. This question typically seeks assurance that the heat shrink bands are made from food-grade materials and are FDA-approved for direct contact with food or pharmaceutical products. The answer reassures the customer about the safety standards and certifications that the bands meet.

Can I customize heat shrink bands with my brand's logo or colors?

ABSOLUTELY! Customization is a key factor for businesses looking to enhance brand recognition and packaging appeal. We will need to discuss what your design needs and product dimensions are for custom printing, color options, and the process of ordering customized heat shrink bands. We will go over the options that are available, including minimum order quantities, lead times, and any additional costs associated with custom orders.

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