Anti-Tarnish Plastic Zip Locking Jeweler Bags

Anti-Tarnish Plastic Zipper Locking Jeweler Bags

Anti-tarnish reclosable poly bags - anti tarnish bags for jewelry

Anti-Tarnish Zipper Locking Bags are constructed of film that neutralizes the corrosive gases that attack silver, platinum, gold and other metals even when the bag is opened multiple times. These reclosable anti tarnish jewelry bags keep metals at their sparkling best.

Besides Anti-tarnish bags, Intercept anti tarnish strips and tabs should provide protection for your valuables for up to 12+ months of continuous use depending on how well sealed the container is.

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Plastic Anti-tarnish reclosable bags are your answer to your Jewelry packaging needs!

These Intercept jewelry zipper locking top bags are compared to Minigrip Silver-Guard Anti-Tarnish bags which have been discontinued because of toxicity concerns. Don't take a chance with the inconsistent quality of untrusted and untried anti tarnish for silver reclosable bags—you can depend on our tried and true reclosable Jewlery Bags to provide the best protection for your expensive gem stones, findings, and fine jewelry pieces. Anti-Tarnish Bags are used throughout the jewelry industry for the reinforced side seals ensuring the bags won't split when opened or filled and our consistent quality silver jewelry bag.
Keep your precious metals looking like new without the hassle of tabs or strips! Anti-tarnish reclosable plastic bags are made with a plastic film that absorbs and neutralizes the corrosive gases that attack silver and other precious metals. Anti-tarnish reclosable bags ensure a tarnish-free product even when the bag is opened multiple times. Our anti-tarnish bags protect for a minimum of two years and are ideal for storing and organizing anything from  jewelry, silverware, and musical instruments to electronic components.

Features of Anti-Tarnish Silver Jewelry bags

- Protects silver, silver-plate and other notable metals
- Protects a minimum of two years versus strips & tabs that have to be
  changed every 6 months
- Contents visible without opening zipper locking poly bag
- Does not have to come in contact with item being protected
- Works without the risk of staining, discoloration, or affecting
  conductivity/application of coatings
- Reinforced zipper sides allow multiple uses. One hand open/close zipper
- Protection from moisture and dust
- Made with Silver-Guard, an exclusive film that absorbs and neutralizes the
  corrosive gases that attack silver and silver-plate. Non-toxic and recyclable
- Available in popular jewelry sizes
- Red Color Line is your assurance of the highest quality bags in the world
  bag after bag after bag.
- Silver-Guard protection keeps silver and other metals at their sparkling best,
  great for jewelry bags!
- Protection from moisture and dust
- Avoid additional time and repetitive motion of adding strips or tabs
- Contents visible without opening bag
- Premium zipper "snaps" open quickly and easily—even with one hand
- Reinforced zipper sides allow multiple uses
- Non-toxic and recyclable

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