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2 x 2 Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bags
2 x 2 Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bags

Intercept Anti-tarnish tabs - 1"x1" 3000 Pack

2 x 2 Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Bags

Intercept Anti-tarnish tabs - 1"x1" 3000 Pack

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Stock #: ATT3000
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    $134.35 / Case of 3000

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  • Stock # ATT3000
  • Qty/Case 3000
  • Width 1"
  • Length 1"
  • Weight 1.1 lbs


Intercept Anti-tarnish paper tabs - 1"x1" 3000 Pack

3000 pack anti-tarnish tabs are a safe and affordable way to protect precious metals and electronics from tarnish and corrosion during shipping and storage. 3000 pack non-abrasive 1" x 1" anti tarnish tabs won't harm or scratch gemstones or metals during direct contact.

Anti-Tarnish Static Intercept 1"x1" Non-Abrasive Strips are small adhesive strips that are designed to protect metal objects and surfaces from tarnishing or corroding. They are made of a special type of plastic material called Static Intercept, which is impregnated with copper particles. These copper particles neutralize corrosive gases and other environmental factors that cause tarnishing, rusting, and other forms of degradation in metals.

Static Intercept technology works by creating a protective atmosphere around the metal object, which prevents the tarnish-causing gases from coming into contact with the metal. The strips are non-abrasive, which means they will not scratch or damage delicate metal surfaces.

Anti-Tarnish Static Intercept strips are commonly used to protect jewelry, coins, silverware, and other metal objects that are susceptible to tarnishing. They can be placed inside jewelry boxes, storage containers, or display cases to provide long-lasting protection against tarnish and corrosion. The 1"x1" size makes them ideal for use in small spaces or with small objects.

  • Protecting gold, silver and other metals against tarnish and corrosion....

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