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Plastic Currency Bags

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Plastic Currency Bags with a stack of Cash
Strap currency bags are used for one denomination of bill per bag, packaged in currency straps of 100 notes. Our strap currency bags have depositor instructions, including an “Important - Before Opening” instruction on each bag, and feature sequential numbering for bag tracking. Both types of bags meet the new Federal Reserve Bar Code requirements. We offer strap bags for 1, 5 & 10 straps of 100 notes. If you also do bundles, bricks, or cash packs, we also have a large selection of Shrink Wrap and accessories with custom printing available.

Additional Money and Bank Deposit Bags

Plastic Currency Strap Bag with 13 Stacks of Cash

Plastic currency bags are a form of security bag used to store and transfer currency such as cash, coins, checks, and other valuables. These bags are made of a heavy-duty polyethylene that is tamper-proof and resistant to tearing, punctures, and other types of damage.


Banks, financial organizations, retailers, and other enterprises that need to transfer significant sums of cash or other valuable objects frequently utilize plastic currency bags. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fulfill a variety of applications, and they may have a tamper-evident closure mechanism, such as a security seal or a tear-off receipt, that indicates if the bag has been opened or tampered with.


Some plastic currency bags may also have a serial number or barcode for tracking and accountability. This ensures that the bags are not lost or forgotten during transportation and adds an extra degree of security.


By providing a reliable and secure way to move and deposit currency, plastic currency bags can help businesses enhance their cash management and security. Businesses may reduce the risk of theft and loss by employing these bags, while also enhancing efficiency and organization.


Plastic money bags are an essential tool for organizations transporting cash or other valuable objects. They offer a cost-effective and secure method of managing and transporting these assets, as well as improved accountability and transparency.

Currency Bags

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