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Casino Card Dice Bags

Card & Dice Bags

Secur-Pak offers a range of products adapted and/or invented for the casino, racetrack and gaming environments. Used in chorus with our proven currency and cash management bags, Secur-Pak delivers a complete security system for loss prevention.

Card Dice Bags

Bags designed for the convenient and secure pick up and transfer of cards and dice within a casino environment.

  • Clear film allows you to quickly identify the number and type of contents.
  • Write-On White Block for the recording of essential audit trail information. Allows for tracing of who packed, handled and received the bag.
  • Permanent single adhesive closure. Seals quickly and securely without ties or heat sealers.
  • Sequential numbering and tear off receipt for further tracking capabilities.
  • Smaller Card Pick Up bag is specially sized and printed for use with multiple sets of dice.
  • Smaller size and distinctive printing keep costs and confusion down.
  • Card bags hold up to 14 full decks of cards for transport.
High Quantity

Casino Bags

Sku #
Secur-Pak Card/Dice Bag 10 x 14
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