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Card & Dice Bags

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Card & Dice Bags
Secure-Pak offers a range of products adapted and/or invented for casino, racetrack, and gaming environments. Used in chorus with our proven currency and cash management bags, Secure-Pak delivers a complete security system for loss prevention. Bags are designed for the convenient and secure pickup and transfer of cards and dice within a casino environment.

Card Dice Bags

Plastic card and dice pick up bags are small plastic bags that are specifically designed to hold and collect playing cards and dice in casinos, gaming establishments, and other similar settings. These bags are usually made of high-density polyethylene or other durable plastics and come in a range of sizes to accommodate different quantities of cards and dice.


The bags typically have a simple design with no handles, and are open at the top, making it easy for players and dealers to quickly gather up cards and dice without having to handle them directly. The bags may have a printed design or logo on them, and can be customized to match a casino or gaming establishment's branding.


In addition to their use in casinos and gaming establishments, plastic card and dice pick up bags may also be used in other settings where cards and dice are used, such as at board game events or conventions.


Overall, plastic card and dice pick up bags provide a hygienic and convenient way to handle and transport cards and dice in gaming settings, and can help to ensure the integrity of the games being played.

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