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Long Poly Mailers

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Long Poly Mailers

6x39 long poly mailers

Stock#: PML0639




  / Case of 100

8.5x39 long poly mailers

Stock#: PML0839




  / Case of 100

9.5x45 long poly mailers

Stock#: PML0945




  / Case of 50

13x45 long poly mailers

Stock#: PML1345




  / Case of 50

18 x 48 long poly mailers

Stock#: PML1848




  / Case of 25

18 x 51 long poly mailers

Stock#: PML1851




  / Case of 25

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Wholesale Long Poly Mailers
All of our poly mailers are made from high quality polyethylene material. Our long polyethylene mailer bags are great as shipping bags and for storage because of their durable poly exterior. These long mailers are flexible allowing them to fit oddly sized contents.

Long Poly Mailer Features:

Long poly mailers are frequently the container of choice when shipping or storing various items that call for a sleek and elongated packing solution. The top items that are very often shipped in long poly mailers are:

  • Clothing: Dresses, maxi skirts, long jackets, and other articles of clothing with extended lengths are examples of this type of clothing.
  • Posters and Prints of Artwork: artwork that is typically long and thin, such as posters, prints, and wall scrolls.
  • Banners & Flags: Large banners, flags, and promotional material that need to be shipped or packaged.
  • Rollable Products: Items That Can Be Rolled Blueprints, architectural blueprints, maps, and rolled-up paperwork are examples of rollable items.
  • Scrolls: Historical scrolls, certificates, and scrolls employed in cultural and educational contexts.
  • Wall Decals and Stickers: Wall decals, murals, and adhesive decorations that are extensive in length.
  • Textiles: Fabrics, curtains, and drapes that come in longer dimensions.
  • Archery and Sporting Equipment: Longbows, fishing rods, arrows, and other forms of elongated sporting equipment fall under the category of archery and sporting equipment.
  • Home Improvement Items: Items for Home Improvement Long handles, poles, and fittings used in construction and maintenance are referred to as "home improvement items."
  • Rolling Pins and Kitchen Utensils: Longer kitchen implements, such as rolling pins and utensils, can be safely transported in long poly mailers because of their length.
  • Educational Materials: Long educational charts, diagrams, and other visual aids for learning.
  • Fashion Accessories: Accessories for women's fashion that include shawls, scarves, and ties that are designed to be worn at longer lengths.
  • Educational Posters: Long posters designed for use in educational environments, such as classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Scrolling Banners: Retractable banners that can be used for advertising and presentations are sometimes referred to as scrolling banners.
  • Long Jewelry Boxes: Jewelry items such as necklaces and chains need to be packaged in a relatively lengthy manner.
  • Framed Art: Long and narrow framed artwork and photographs.
  • Rugs and Runners: Smaller carpets and hallway runners that can be rolled up and packaged.
  • Tube-Shaped Items: Items such as telescope parts, industrial tubes, and cylindrical products.
  • Calendars: Wall calendars with dimensions on the longer side are referred to as calendars.

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