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Expandable Poly Mailers

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Expansion Poly Mailers

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Gusseted Poly Mailers
Our expandable poly mailers feature a bottom gusset that expands to fit bulkier items. Ideal for shipping larger soft items such as apparel or magazines.

Expandable Poly Mailer Features:

Expandable poly mailers are a type of packaging that can hold different-sized and shaped items. They are made of a polyethylene material that is flexible and stretches. This lets the mailer grow, giving it more room for things that might not fit well in a standard-sized poly mailer.

The bottom gusset on expandable poly mailers is an important part of how the items fit. A gusset is an elongated piece of poly designed to make more room on the bottom of a bag. In expanded poly mailers, the bottom gusset is a folded piece of poly, that when viewed from the side, can take the shape of a triangle or cube.

The bottom gusset has several important functions:

Capacity Increase: The gusset lets the mailer extend when things are put inside. This means that the mailer can hold bigger or bulkier things without losing shape.

Versatility: The mailer has an expandable design with a gusset that lets it fit a bigger range of items, from flat documents to thicker products or bundled items.

Protection: The extra room the gusset provides can keep things from being packed too tightly, making them less likely to bend, crease, or get damaged during shipping.

Packing Made Easy: The gusset makes putting things into the mailer easy. It gives you more room to put items inside without having to squeeze them in.

Professional Presentation: Even when the mailer is opened up, it still looks clean and professional, which is important for showing customers how great your goods are.

Expandable poly mailers with bottom gussets are often used by e-commerce businesses, retailers, and people who need to ship products that are different sizes or shapes. They are especially good for sending clothes, textiles, soft goods, small electronics, accessories, and other things that might not fit well in standard-sized poly mailers. The gusset lets you change the size of the mailer, so you don't have to buy multiple types of packaging. This makes it easier to ship a variety of things.

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