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Freaquently Asked Questions

Types of Pet Food Bags

Stand Up Pouches: Laminated Zipper Bags, Pet Treat Bags/Pouches, Foil Stand Up Bags, Rice Paper Pouches, Window Pouches, Retort Pouches, and Kraft Stand Up Pouches. These pouches are FDA approved for food contact. Stand-up Pouches are often called Doypack bags or pouches.

Block Bottom Gusseted Bags: Bottom Block Gusset Bags look sharp on the shelf and are great for packaging a wide variety of products like pet treats or pet food. These Block Bottom Bags combine the functionality of a standup pouch with the benefits of a side gusset bag.

Flat Pouch Bags: High quality flat pouches come in a wide range of sizes for packaging smaller sample portions of your products or larger quantity items for storing purposes. We offer 2 different styles to choose from: Metalized and Resealable. Flat pouches are available as custom printed bags (flexo printing, hot stamp printing) and for applying custom labels.

Side Gusset Laminated Pouches: Side Gusset Pouches / Bags, also known as Pinch Bottom Bags are very popular for packaging pet treats and many other items. When a valve is added there is increased vapor control to keep pet treats and other items fresh. Many different colors, varieties and materials to choose from for every application

What are Custom Pet Food Bags Made Of?

There are several types of packing used for manufactures or homemade pet food and pet treats. One of the most common is laminated stand-up pouches. Using a laminated bag fo packaging your dog, cat, or bird food and treats, you are sure to preserve your product’s fresh taste and nutritional quality Laminated bags do not tear easily, preventing pet food or pet treats from being exposed to unnecessar heat, air, humidity, and light, which can degrade pet food or treats and lead to contamination. Once the pet food ba or pet treat bag is opened, the bag’s reclosable zipper helps maintain freshness between feedings.

Do Packing Bags for Pet Food or Pet Treats Require Labeling?

If you are manufacturing pet food on a large scale or even making homemade pet food for sale, it is regulated in all 50 states. The same goes for pet, dog, and cat treats. A critical component of adhering to the regulations is labeling the pet food or pet treat packing you use. The AFAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) has full details and a checklist about labeling requirements of pet food and treat packaging, but here is a list of required label items.

  • Brand and Product Name
  • Name of Species for which the pet food is intended.
  • Quantity statement
  • Guaranteed Analysis
  • Ingredient’s statement
  • Nutritional Adequacy Statement
  • Feeding directions
  • Name and address of manufacture or distributor

When designing your custom pet food and pet treat bags, you will need to include all these labeling requirements. If you have labeling just on the front or back of your custom pet food bag or pet food treats, you must include all eight items in the labeling area. Designing your custom pet food bags If you have labeling areas on the front, side, or back, three items must be included on the PDP (Principal Display Panel) on the front of the package. These are brand and product name, species for which the food is intended, and the quantity statement. The other five items may be included on the front label or elsewhere on the package, such as on a back or side label (called the “information panel”).

Do Custom Printed Pet Food, Dog, and Cat Treat Bags Make A Difference?

Several things are keys to having a successful pet food business. Beyond the product itself, it’s also essential to take stock of design trends in pet food packaging. Adorable and attractive package designs often boast designs as appealing as human packaged food. Remember, many human food brands stand out and succeed due to their branding. Re-sealable, stand-up pouches are a standard and accessible format that’s easy to stock on shelves.

Pet Treat Bags

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