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Padded Mailers

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Pregis EverTec Self Sealing Padded Mailers

Kraft Padded Mailers

Kraft Self Sealing Padded Mailers

6x10 kraft self seal padded mailing envelope

Stock#: PMS0610




  / Case of 250

7.25 x 12 Kraft Self Seal Padded Mailing Envelopes

Stock#: PMS0712




  / Case of 100

8.5 x 12 Kraft Self Seal Padded Mailing Envelopes

Stock#: PMS0812




  / Case of 100

9.5x14.5 padded mailers

Stock#: PMS0914




  / Case of 100

10 x 16 Kraft Self Seal Padded Mailing Envelopes

Stock#: PMS1016




  / Case of 100

12.5x19 kraft self seal padded mailer

Stock#: PMS1219




  / Case of 50

14.25 x 20 Kraft Self Seal Padded Mailing Envelopes

Stock#: PMS1420




  / Case of 50

White Self Sealing Padded Mailers

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Padded Mailers & Padded Envelopes
Cushioned padding expands as the package is handled absorbing shock and protecting contents from damage. Kraft Padded Mailers are manufactured from 50# kraft recycled paper, these padded mailers are insulated with strong fiberfill padding to cushion merchandise. They help protect the contents by being both punctures resistant and resistant to moisture. These mailers have cushioned padding inside the walls, so no additional padding is needed and, that will protect your items from damage in shipping. Easy opening tear-strip gives easy access to merchandise while preventing spillage of fiberfill.

Padded Envelope Features and Benefits:

Pregis Evertec Recyclable Padded Mailer Benefits


Cardboard Box vs Padded Mailer Packing Time


Frequently Asked Questions on Padded Mailers

Is there a difference between padded mailers and padded envelopes?

The terms padded mailer and padded envelope are used relatively interchangeably in the packaging and shipping industry. Some vendors refer to padded envelopes as smaller than padded mailers but they are essentially the same thing. 

How do you seal padded mailers?

There are multiple ways to seal a padded mailer. First, if your padded mailer is self-sealing you do not need any additional tape or staples to seal the envelope, just remove the plastic strip on top of the built-in adhesive and fold over the lip to seal. 

If your padded envelope is not self-sealing, you can use tape or staples to be sure it is sealed. 

Do you offer ecofriendly padded mailers?

We offer a wide range of padded mailers including ones that are easy to recycle and eco-friendly. Our Evertec padded mailers are our most eco-friendly mailers due to their ease of recycling. They can be recycled curbside but like a paper bag or cardboard box. 

Is it cheaper to mail a box or a padded envelope?

For smaller items, it is nearly always cheaper to ship via a padded envelope as they are smaller and more lightweight than cardboard boxes while still providing protection. This leads to lower shipping costs. Padded mailers also save time while packing as boxes require setup time and more taping. 

How to ship a padded mailer?

Padded mailers can be shipped through many shipping service providers. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more accept padded envelopes. Be sure to check with your carrier for specific rules and regulations. 

What is the difference between a bubble mailer and a padded mailer?

Bubble mailers have a lightweight construction with inner bubble wrap for cushioning. Padded mailers are sturdier, featuring consistent padding throughout. Bubble envelopes are more flexible, while padded envelopes offer rigid protection. The choice depends on item fragility and shipping needs.

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