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Drop-N-Tell Shock Indicators

Shipping Drop Indicators on Corrugated Carton

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Drop-N-Tell Indicators

Tip-N-Tell Indicators

Tip-N-Tell Indicators

Stock#: DNT-1-TNT

$141.55 / Case of 100

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Typical Drop-N-Tell Usage Chart

Container Weight in Pounds   Container Area In Cubic Feet
0-1 1-5 6-15 16-50 50+
0-10 100G 100G 50G 50G 25G
11-25 100G 50G 50G 25G 25G
26-50 50G 25G 25G 25G 25G
51-100 50G 25G 25G 15G 15G
101-250 25G 25G 15G 15G 15G
250-1000 15G 10G 10G 10G 10G
Over 1000 5G 5G 10G 10G 10G
The Chart shown above should be used only as a basic guide. Drop-N-Tell activation depends upon the type and amount of cushioning used to protect a product in transit. Drop height will also affect activation.

Spot concealed shipment damage at the time of receipt of delivery with the Drop 'N' Tell impact Damage indicator. Self Adhesive allows for easy mounting. The indicator sensor displays a blue arrow if the container receives a shock exceeding the specified G range. Each indicator comes with a two-part label. The first is affixed to the shipping carton and announces that Drop-N-Tell is present on your shipment, and the second affixes to the bill of landing or other shipping documents.

Shipping Drop Indicator Features:

  • We offer both resettable and non-resettable single use indicators. 
  • Resettable indictors can be used up to 50 times. 
  • Available in 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G and 100G options. 

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