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Freeze/Warm Temperature Indicator 2° - 8°C / 36° - 46°F

Cold Chain Complete Temperature Indicators

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  • Stock #: TI-CCC-27159
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FCP Temperature Indicator 2° - 8°C / 36° - 46°F 100/CS

Stock #: TI-CCC-27159

To avoid a false negative diagnosis of COVID-19, CDC recommends test kits remain between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F) and shipped overnight on an ice pack. Keeping kits within these temperatures will save lives. Cold Chain Complete helps ensure appropriate COVID-19 specimen shipping temperatures!


Concerning COVID-19 Test Kits: Our Temperature sensitive labels will help your lab identify if a test sample has had a temperature breach according to CDC guidelines. Having this information will help your lab avoid testing false negatives and will save precious time & money in these unprecedented times.


The CDC guidelines state that Corona Virus test swabs be refrigerated between 2° - 8°C / 36° - 46°F, and tested within 72 hours to avoid false negatives. Use our temperature indicators to avoid testing compromised swabs and save valuable time and resources for your lab!


Cold Chain Complete is an all inclusive single-use, time-temperature indicator which alerts users of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions. The left side of the card indicates when your shipment got too warm, while the right indicates if your shipment got too cold.


Potential FCP Temperature Indicator Applications

Corona Virus (COVID19) Test Kit Shipping and Storage, Floral, Chocolate, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food delivery, and other food products.

FCP Cold Chain Complete Temperature Indicator Features

  • Accurate, irreversible color change
  • Accuracy independently verified at +2°C
  • Self-activating


Cold Chain Complete Temperature Indicator Specifications

  • Temperature Breaking Point: 2° - 8°C / 36° - 46°F
  • Accuracy: +2°C
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Storage: Store in a dry environment below response temperature (8°C  or 46°F) for optimal shelf life
  • Freeze Trigger Activation Time: Immediate
  • Warm Trigger Activation Time: 8 Hours