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Temperature Indicators

Temperature Indicators

When to use a ColdMark

  • The temperatures of products can vary dramatically during the shipping process. Your product may experience delays and or be stored in less than ideal conditions.
  • If you need to make sure your product does not get too cold during shipping, the ColdMark indicator is your answer.
  • ColdMark indicators are used to help determine if a product has gone below a specified temperature threshold.
  • They provide a visible bulb that will change to a violet color if the temperature of the package has gone below the specified temperature.
  • *ColdMark Freeze Indicators are shipped live and special precautions need to be taken.

When to use a WarmMark

  • Are you sure that your product has not experienced temperatures that could compromise its quality and efficacy?
  • WarmMark indicators alert users of exposure to high-temperature conditions and the cumulative amount of time above the specified temperature threshold.
  • Similar to the ColdMarks WarmMarks also provide a visible indication that will change to a red color if the temperature of the package has gone above the specified temperature.

What is the difference between a temperature recorder and a temperature indicator?

Temperature Indicator

Temperature Indicator

  • Temperature recorders are data loggers that keep track of the temperature every 10 minutes throughout the shipping process.
  • Temperature recorders can be a very useful source of data for monitoring when temperature changes during shipping to find the cause of the change.
Temperature Recorder

Temperature Recorder

  • Temperature recorders have alarms and notifications if a temperature has breached a specified threshold like a temperature indicator.
  • Temperature indicators do not store data for later use they only provide a notification on the device itself when a temperature has been breached.

Ship your temperature-sensitive goods without giving up control of their handling. Use these shipping indicator labels to monitor or assess the temperatures at which the package experienced during shipping. Affixed directly to your goods or packaging, these shipping temperature indicators detect if the temperature has breached a specified threshold of sensitive goods during transportation. Thousands of well-known companies in the world use our shipping temperature indicators every day. These effective, attention-getting devices act as a strong visual deterrent to unacceptable handling, no matter what you're shipping. Buy now and ship with confidence.

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