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WarmMark Indicators

WarmMark Temperature Indicators

ShockWatch WarmMark Indicator

Concerning COVID-19 Test Kits: Our Temperature sensitive labels will help your lab identify if a test sample has had a temperature breach according to CDC guidelines. Having this information will help your lab avoid testing false negatives and will save precious time & money in these unprecedented times.

To avoid a false-negative diagnosis of COVID-19, CDC recommends freezing test kits below 18°C / 0°F and shipped overnight on an ice pack. Keeping kits within these temperatures will save lives. Cold Chain Complete helps ensure appropriate COVID-19 specimen shipping temperatures!

ShockWatch has been a global leader in designing and developing impact indicators, tilt indicators, and temperature monitoring devices. WarmMark Indicators provide an easy method to verify that your package has been stored in its proper temperature range. ShockWatch offers a complete line of shipment protection products. ShockWatch WarmMark indicators allow for complete data analysis to evaluate the temperature conditions of your package.

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