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Some exotic car manufacturers use damage indicators like TiltWatch XTR when shipping hand built engines.

MAR 07, 2023 • BY ROGER •

Exotic car manufacturers go to tremendous pains to guarantee that their high-end automobiles arrive in safe and secure condition. This is especially true when shipping hand-built engines, which are frequently fragile and sensitive. Some exotic vehicle manufacturers utilize damage indicators such as TiltWatch XTR to assist protect these engines during shipping. We'll look at why these indicators are so significant and how they work

What is TiltWatch XTR?

TiltWatch XTR is a shipment damage indicator that monitors shipping conditions. It is a compact, lightweight gadget that can detect when a product has been tilted beyond a specific degree and is installed on a package or crate. When attached to a package or crate, the TiltWatch XTR turns red if the package is tilted past 80°. The patented design ensures that the indicator remains unaffected by movement due to normal handling conditions or random vibrations.


TiltWatch XTR is especially beneficial for shipping delicate or fragile equipment, such as hand-built engines. These engines are frequently highly expensive, and if not handled properly during transportation, they can easily be damaged. Manufacturers can use TiltWatch XTR to verify that their engines are shipped in a way that minimizes the chance of damage.

Tiltwatch XTR Indicator

Why are damage indicators important for shipping hand-built engines?

Hand-built engines are frequently one of the most significant components of an exotic vehicle. They are frequently made by trained specialists who take great care to ensure that each component is perfectly machined and assembled to exacting standards. As a result, these engines can be highly delicate and fragile, with even minor damage having a considerable impact on their performance.


Many factors might contribute to damage while exporting hand-built engines. Engines, for example, might be jostled around during shipping, causing components to become misaligned or broken. They can also be dropped or handled incorrectly during loading and unloading, causing cracks or other damage to essential components.


Manufacturers can monitor how their engines are handled during shipping by employing damage indicators such as TiltWatch XTR. This enables them to spot possible difficulties before they become significant issues, reducing the chance of damage.

How do damage indicators like TiltWatch XTR work?

TiltWatch XTR damage indicators are designed to be straightforward and easy to use. They are made up of a compact, lightweight gadget that is adhesively attached to a container or crate. A magnet holds a ball in position within the gadget. When the package is tilted past a specific point, the ball is freed and rolls down a ramp, activating the device.


When the TiltWatch XTR is activated, a red light appears to indicate that damage has occurred. This signal is plainly visible, so anyone handling the package will see it and take proper action. For example, if a box is being unloaded from a truck and the TiltWatch XTR activates, the handler can inspect the package instantly.


Damage indicators, such as TiltWatch XTR, are not only simple to use, but also highly reliable. They are meant to be highly sensitive, which means that if the package is tilted beyond the specified angle, they will activate. This makes detecting potential damage much easier before it becomes a major issue.

Benefits of using damage indicators like TiltWatch XTR

When shipping hand-built engines, there are numerous advantages to using damage indicators such as TiltWatch XTR. Among the most prominent advantages are:


Improved safety: Manufacturers may help ensure that their engines are shipped safely and securely by monitoring how packages are handled during shipping. This can help lessen the danger of accidents and injuries, which is especially important when working with fragile or sensitive objects.


Reduced damage risk: By using damage indicators, manufacturers can discover possible concerns before they become major difficulties. 

Shipping damage indicators are not limited to only the Titlwatch XTR, and neither are you. International Plastics carries a wide slection of damage indicattors, such as:

Armable ShockWatch 2 Damage Indicators

Always live ShockWatch Damage Indicator Labels

Shockdot Damage Indicators

Drop-N-Tell Shock Indicators

Tip-N-Tell Indicators

If you're looking for a dependable and effective shipping damage indicator, International Plastics has several solutions available, including the TiltWatch XTR. Using a damage indication during shipment can assist safeguard fragile and delicate objects while also improving safety and lowering the chance of damage. You can trust International Plastics to produce a high-quality solution that is simple to use and provides a visual indication of whether a package has been mishandled. You may have piece of mind knowing that your items are being handled with care and arriving at their destination in the same condition they left your plant by investing in shipping damage indicators from International Plastics.

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