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Shrink Wrap Supersealer 24 Inch System Shrink Wrap Heat Gun
Shrink Wrap Supersealer 24 Inch System
Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

24" Shrink Wrap Supersealer with Heat Gun

Shrink Wrap Supersealer 24 Inch System Shrink Wrap Heat Gun

24" Shrink Wrap Supersealer with Heat Gun

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Item Description

Shrink Wrap Machine 24" SuperSealer System

Stock #: SWS24

GTIN: 00631546050602

The 24" Shrink Wrap Supersealer System SWS24D is portable, lightweight and sleek, This deluxe SuperSealer is built to last. The sealer kit is used mostly for hardware, retail packages, gift baskets,posters, art and frames. The system comes complete with one FREE roll of film, ultra-light HotShot professional heat gun with a 1-year warranty, maintenance kit and industry-leading 2-year warranty. No assembly required, simply plug in and start packaging. SuperSealer is the number 1 selling portable shrinkwrap machine, with over 100,000 in use today worldwide. Adjustable LED timer for a perfect seal every time. The 24 inch Shrink Wrap Supersealer system uses only one regular 110v/220 outlet, heat gun plugs into main unit The entire system requires very minimal space, 14"? wide x 6"? high, about 25 lbs.

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Shrink Wrapped Gift Basket


Safety Instructions
Before using your new 24" Super Sealer, please take a few minutes to carefully read all the instructions. Pay close attention to safety guidelines and warnings included for your protection.

!For safe operation, read manual thoroughly.
!A live heating element is located on the underside of the arm under the PTFE non stick tape. Use caution during operation. DO NOT TOUCH THE ELEMENT.
!Know your work environment. Make sure the work area is clean and dry before using the sealer. This is an electrical appliance and can be a potential shock or fire hazard, especially if operated near refuse or in a wet environment.

!Never operate the machine barefoot. Doing so greatly increases your risk of electrical shock. !Sealer should only be connected to a standard 110 volt 15 amp wall receptacle. No other form of wiring is safe or advisable. !To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose to rain or moisture. Store indoors. !Stay alert! Always pay attention to the work at hand and use common sense when operating this and all tools. Do not operate the sealer when you are tired or taking medication or drugs that may make you drowsy. !Disconnect the sealer when not in use. Avoid unintentional starting. A sealer if left on could start and burn if the arm came down due to a broken spring or if something fell on the arm. !If the sealer stops during operation or otherwise ceases to function properly, disconnect from the power supply and call a qualified service technician.

!Never attempt any repairs on the sealer. All repairs must be done by a qualified service technician. The parts supplied in your maintenance parts kit are for maintenance of the machine to keep it in good operating condition & may be an exception to this rule. !Inspect power cords periodically and if damaged, have repaired by a qualified service technician. !Never yank the cord from an electrical outlet or use it to tie down the arm, or any other purpose other than that for which it was intended. !Guard against electric shock by preventing contact with grounded surfaces or other appliances. !Keep children & visitors away from the work area & the sealer & its accessories. !Keep work area well lighted. !Always store sealer in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

!Never try to seal anything other than plastic films intended for use on this sealer. !Never use the sealer after partial failure. !Maintain proper footing & balance at all times. !Do not wear loose-fitting clothing or jewelry. Wear non-skid footwear & a protective hair covering to contain long hair. !Always wear eye protection & protective work gloves at all times. !When servicing, use only identical replacement parts. !If arm spring breaks, disconnect sealer from power supply immediately & call a qualified service technician.
!Only use ac outlet on side of machine with accessories intended for that purpose & rated to the capacity listed by the
outlet. !Only use fuse of capacity listed by the fuse holder.

!Never use anything abrasive to clean the heating element. (ie. steel wool, emery cloth or board, etc.) These can damage the wire & cause premature breakage.
!To clean the heating wire - first remove the pad from the channel under the arm. Then pull the arm down and allow the residue to burn off the arm. Wipe anything still clinging to the arm off with a piece of cardboard. After the wire has cooled & is visibly clean, cover with a new piece of 3 mil PTFE non stick tape. NOTE: PTFE non stick tape over the wire is only required when using PVC Shrink film or Polyethylene to prevent build- up on wire and excessive smoking. When using Polyolefin type films it is not required or suggested. The 10 mil PTFE non stick tape on the sealing pad is always required for every application.
!To clean other exterior parts of the sealer, any non-flammable spray cleaner will suffice. !Cleaning the sealer internally is not suggested or advised. !If PTFE non stick tape appears to be burnt, worn or damaged, replace with a new piece of tape.

Heat Gun Stand
Industrial-strength heat gun storage accessory
One-piece, heat-resistant metal
Built to last the life of your SuperSealer®

1. Plug power cord into 110 VAC 15A wall outlet.

2. Turn power on by depressing rocker switch. No warm-up time is required.

3. Plug the heat gun into AC outlet on left hand side of box.

4. Separate film and place around spreader bar. (If model is equipped with the optional perf roller, first load film between the perf wheel and plate, then around the spreader bar.)

5. Pull film to the desired length on the left hand side of sealing arm and sealing pad. Open film and insert package. Roll excess film back onto the roll so that package is approximately even with edge of sealing pad.

6. Holding package in left hand bring the sealing arm down firmly onto the film and pad. With the arm in the down position, gently pull package away in a tearing motion from the pad until package is completely separated from pad. (When using the Deluxe Machine with timer, adjust dial to proper setting and bring the arm down until LED indicator turns off. Release arm and your cut and seal is now complete.) IF THE CUTTING AND SEALING PROCESS TAKES LONGER THAN 3 TO 5 SECONDS, YOU ARE USING THE MACHINE INCORRECTLY AND YOU SHOULD CALL YOUR INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC'S REPRESENTATIVE FOR ASSISTANCE. Turn package counter clockwise and repeat procedure to cut and seal the remaining edge of the film. (If model comes with the optional cutter blade located on the sealing arm, first position the blade to the middle of the film you are cutting. Next bring the sealing arm firmly down so the blade punctures the film, then slide the blade from side to side. With the arm still in the down position, gently pull package away from the pad.)

7. To shrink film around the product: adjust heat gun to desired temperature. Holding gun approximately 12" from product begin to shrink film around the seams first and then toward the middle in a circular motion until package has a glass-like appearance.


WARNING: Heat gun should not be left on when air intake vents are blocked or for a prolonged period of time to prevent overheating! Make certain that switch is in the off position to ensure that both the blower and heating element are shut off, or heat damage may occur.

Symptom: Centerfold shrink film will not separate or open.
Recommendation: If shrink film appears to be single sheet, place a strip of tape on top of the film and on the bottom and pull apart to initially separate.

Symptom: Film appears to smoke or is sticking to wire when seal is made.
Recommendation: This can mean one of several things:
1. With PP or PO film, wire must be kept clean by removing sealing pad and depressing arm until wire burns clean all film residue. No PTFE non stick tape required on arm.
2. PVC film will smoke when seal is made. PTFE non stick tape over the heating element will prevent the film from smoking and will occasionally need to be replaced. For PTFE non stick tape or other parts, call the service number.

Symptom: Burning holes in shrink film with the heat gun.

Recommendation: If gun is set on high temperature and held in the same spot for more than a few seconds, the film will burn. Gun should be continually moving in a circular spiral motion from the outside edges of the package first, and to the middle of the package last.

Symptom: Arm is not properly cutting and sealing shrink film.
1. On/Off switch may not be turned on.
2. Timer on Deluxe Model may not be set properly.
3. Arm may not be in complete contact with pad. (Gentle Pressure).
4. Excessive pressure applied to sealing arm.
5. Wire may need cleaning.

Symptom: Setting timer properly on the Deluxe Model.
Recommendation: Timer should be set to allow the minimal amount of time necessary to cut and seal the film. The setting will vary according to type of film in use. Setting timer too high will burn the film. PVC film will require a lower setting than most other films. Timer may need to be adjusted to lower setting as machine is used in a continuous or rapid manner.

Venting Your Shrink Package"
The air inside the package expands as the film is heated. The quickest way to vent the film is to cut what amounts to and asterisk (*) into the closed end of the centerfold. The smaller your package, the more lines you should cut to make sure every package has at least one vent hole. This will prevent package from ballooning. Cut Slits 1/16" deep


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