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How are conductive bags different from regular poly bags?

Plastic conductive bags are a type of protective packaging designed to protect sensitive electronic components and devices from electrostatic discharge (ESD). They are made from a specialized plastic material that is designed to provide a low-resistance path for static charges to flow through, effectively grounding the charges and preventing ESD.


Black conductive containers are typically made from a combination of polymers and conductive carbon, which creates a material with a surface resistance typically in the range of 10^3 to 10^5 ohms. This low-resistance path allows static charges to flow to the ground quickly, preventing any buildup of static electricity that could damage electronic components.


What goes in conductive poly bags?

Conductive poly bags are typically used for highly sensitive electronic components that require a higher level of protection from ESD, such as microchips, circuit boards, and other delicate devices. They are also used in situations where there is a higher risk of ESD, such as in cleanroom environments where there is a high level of static electricity. Conductive bags come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small, single-use bags to larger, reusable bags that can be used for transporting and storing larger electronic devices.


Overall, plastic conductive bags are an important tool for protecting sensitive electronic components from ESD. They are an effective way to prevent damage to delicate devices during transport or storage and are an essential component of any electronics manufacturing or assembly process.

Our Conductive Bags are constructed of volume conductive material made from a 4 mil single layer of carbon-loaded polyethylene, creating a Faraday Bag effect with minimal E.M.I. and R.F.I. protection. Meets military specification requirements of NFPA-56-A, MIL-P-82647, and MIL-P-82646.

Conductive Bag Features:

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