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8 Mil Zip Locking Bags - ClearZip

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8 Mil - Reclosable Zip Bags (ClearZip)

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8 Mil Zip Locking Bags - ClearZip
Plastic Bag thickness that use to only be found with a custom order is now being made as stock. High Clarity, Odorless, and durable 8 Mil Plastic Zipper Locking BagsClearZip® Heavy Duty 8 mil zipper locking bags are our thickest zipper locking bags and are ideal for packaging, shipping, and storage of your sharpest and heaviest items. Our ClearZip® 8 mil reclosable top bags greatly reduce the possibility of tears or punctures and protect the contents under heavier use and re-use. When durability matters, choose our ever-popular ClearZip® 8 mil lock top bags!

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