2 Mil Zipper Locking Bags

1.25 Mil Zip Locking Bags - ClearZip®  

These Zip Locking bags, ClearZip® , are considered and to be used as a general purpose or regular duty 1.25 mil zipper lock top bags. These 1.25 Mil zipper locking bags are offered in 11 different stock sizes and are suited for all types of shipping, packaging, and storage applications. Our ClearZip® 1.25 mil plastic zip bags protect your items from outside contaminants and make storage and organization simple. Not sure what size you need? Try our 2 Mil ClearZip® Assortment Pack.

1.25 Mil Zip Locking Bags ClearZip®

  • Bags made with 100% Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene and can be recycled
  • Side-weld seal reinforces the bag's zipper for added strength
  • All ClearZip® bags are BPA free & meet FDA/USDA specifications for food contact
  • High clarity, odorless, and durable plastic Zip Locking bags.
  • 1.25 mil poly Zip Locking bags are in stock and ship the same day.

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