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Edge Protectors and Fiberboard Corner Protectors

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Plastic Edge Protectors

1-1/4 Plastic Corner Protectors

Stock#: EP-CP-122




  / Case of 1000

3/4 Plastic Corner Protectors

Stock#: EP-CP-125




  / Case of 1000

Light Duty Edge Protectors

Medium-Duty Edge Protector

Heavy Duty Edge Protectors

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Corner Protectors for Strapping
These plastic strapping guards and cardboard edge protectors can be used with steel strapping, polypropylene strapping, and polyester strapping for bundling. Our corner protectors will cushion your packaging and allow the strap to be tightened with strapping tools to its maximum tension without damaging the product.

Shipping Edge Protector Features:

Are Fiberboard Corner Protectors and Edge Protectors cost effective?


Edge guards and fiberboard corner protectors can be cost-effective based on your company's specific demands.


In general, these packaging materials can help minimize product damage during transit and handling, saving you money in the long term by lowering the amount of damaged or returned products.


Edge protectors, often constructed of cardboard or plastic, can be especially cost-effective for larger or heavier products that are more likely to be damaged during transportation or storage. These guards can help distribute weight and offer support to prevent edge crushing or bending.


Corner protectors made of fiberboard, on the other hand, are commonly used to protect the corners of boxes or other packaging materials. They can be built of recyclable materials and are frequently reusable, making them a more environmentally friendly option.


Finally, the cost-effectiveness of these materials will be determined by a number of criteria, including the products being shipped, the distance they will travel, and the shipping methods used. versus assess whether these materials are a suitable investment for your company, compare the expense of utilizing them versus the possible cost of product damage or returns.

Fiberboard Corner Protectors on Shrink Wrapped Pallet of Goods

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