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ClearZip® Reclosable Hang Hole Bags

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ClearZip 2 Mil Hang Hole

3 x 6 .002 ClearZip w/Hanghole

Stock#: CZH20306



.05 / Case of 1000

4 x 8 .002 ClearZip w/Hanghole

Stock#: CZH20408



.75 / Case of 1000

6 x 8 .002 ClearZip w/Hanghole

Stock#: CZH20608



.30 / Case of 1000

6 x 12 .002 ClearZip w/Hanghole

Stock#: CZH20612



.15 / Case of 1000

6 x 14 .002 ClearZip w/Hanghole

Stock#: CZH20614



.15 / Case of 1000

ClearZip 4 Mil Hang Hole

Reclosable 2 Mil Polyprop Bags with Hang Hole

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 ClearZip Reclosable Hang Hole Bag

International Plastics offers our ClearZip® reclosable bags with hang hole for applications where the bag and its content might need to be hung from a peg board. This is useful when you need to display products for retail or for your own internal organization. The zip locking bag has a center round hold , on the top lip of the bag, that will fit virtually and style hook on found on a ped board. Because it’s a  ClearZip® resealable bag the bag easily allows the bag to be opened and sealed shut tight time and time again.

Why Use a Clear Zip Bag with a Hang Hole?

Stock Hanging Display Bags or Customized

Used by many types of businesses, reclosable hang hole bags are most frequently used by the food service industry. With that in mind, all of our bags are BPA-free and meet All FDA/USDA specifications for contact and packaging of food.


Food production businesses like using hang-hole bags not only for the protection and organization but the display versatility it allows. Reclosable hang hole bags can be put on shelves, which have limited space and are often overcrowded, or they can be hung on walls using display hooks.


Hanging holes can also give your product a boost in retail sales. With the addition of a hang hole, retailers can position at key spots for people who are often on the go and where customers often make impulse buys.


If one of our common 50+ sizes does not fill your need or you would like to have custom printing on reclosable hang hole bags, we can customize it just for your need.


Hang Hole Bag features

  • Bags have a 1/4” hanging hole at the top of the bag just above the Zip Locking closure.
  • All hanging display bags can be recycled.
  • Regular duty is our 2 mil thick bags with display hanging hole.
  • Heavy Duty is our 4 mil thick bags with hanging display hole.

How To Choose Size and Mil Reclosable ClearZip Plastic Bags

Custom Printed Reclosable Zip Bags

ClearZip Locking Bag Thickness: How To Determine Correct Mil

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