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Custom Hang Hole Bags

Custom hang hole bags are indispensable for many applications both retail and industrial. Custom bags with hanging holes allow small edible products to hand on a peg board right in the checkout line. Custom hang hole bags with your logo, company name, and or product to be hung on a special display for new or sale items. Custom hang hole bags are not just for retail applications, they have industrial applications as well. In many industrial/manufacturing applications, a company can print both the name of the product and the product's UPC or GTIN number. This helps workers locate small items. This also helps with keeping up with stock levels help to prevent you from running out of an item. 

Help Choosing The Best Hang Hole Style and Bag Type For You

Types Of Holes On Custom Hanging Display Bags

There are several styles of hang holes, some already punches out on a couple styles of stock bags. Other bags will require a hand hole be added when customizing hanging display bags. Here is a list of the styles of hang holes with these custom bags

Types of Hangholes You Can Use To Customize Your Hanghole Bags

  1. Center Punch Round (Standard Hole Style): Round hang hole bars are commonly used for in-store displays holding anything from candy to electronics. When ordering c custom round hang hole bags know that the round hand hole comes in widths of  3/8” and ¼”
  2. OSHA/Butterfly/Sombrero/ Inverted T Hang Hole: Referred to as a Sombrero or OSHA hang hole. This style bag allows for quick access while keeping the bag centered when hung.
  3. Delta Hang Hole: The Delta style hole can fit on most single or double pronged peg hooks.
  4. Metal Grommet or Eyelet Hang Hole: Available in 1/4 and 3/8; Metal grommet hang holes are added to bags that must endure substantial abuse or holding heavier items.

Styles of Custom Printed Hanging Display Bags: 

Below is a brief description of different styles of custom printed hand hole bags we offer along with they style of hole provided on each bag types. If you need I different style hanging hole for your custom hang hole bag please let us know.

  1. Custom Zip Locking Recloseable Hang Hole Bags: We offer over 50 size clear zip locking bags with a round ¼ hang hole above the zipper. These bags are already to add your custom print to. Bags are offered in 2 and 4 Mil thickness and BPS free. These bags also meet all FDA and UADA and Kosher requirements.
  2. Custom Retail Header Bags Hang Hole Bags: We offer 6 stock sizes of retail header poly bags that are made from 1.6 Mil OPP (Oriented Polypropylene). The top of each bag features an one inch reinforced header and above the reinforcement line our stock bags have OSHA/Inverted T hang hole. These bottom loading bags have tape on the edge with a 1” lip that seals the bag the first time and is resealable after the bag is opened.
  3. Flat Laminated Metalized Bags with Hang Hole: These bags are a 3-side seal flat laminated pouch with round hand hole can be customized across multiple industries and with a wide array of products such as packaging beef jerky, coffee, tea, snack food, pet snacks and many more. These bags are sealed with a bag heat sealer and offer the protection and preservation of any custom hang hole bags.
  4. Flat or Gusseted Poly Bags With Display Hang Hole: Choose from our large selection of flat and gusseted poly bags to add your custom hang hole to. We have 1 to 6 Mil thickness that will work for your application no matter if it is light or heavy weight. You can custom print your logo, address, UPC info, your address, instructions/directions, and more display hanging poly bags. Bags are generally sealed by using a lightweight hand-held heat poly bag sealer, poly bag tape, twist ties or twine.
  5. Eyelet Grommet Custom Zipper Locking Bags: Reclosable bags with metal grommet are brass grommets. Used when a bag must endure substantial abuse or holding heavier items on metal pronged peg hooks. When creating your custom printed be advised that, brass grommet seals both layers of plastic together, so it is more effective to add it to the bottom of the bag.

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