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Central 270 81 mm x 450 ft Pre-Printed Reinforced Paper Tape RED ALERT

76.76mm x 450 yds. central 270 red alert reinforced water activated tape

  • Stock #: WAT-K2420P001
  • W x L: 81mm x 450 ft
  • Weight: 44.3 lbs
  • Qty/Case: 10

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3 3/16 in. x 450 ft. Water Activated Paper Tape Central 270

Stock #: WAT-K2420P001

Central 270 81 mm x 450 ft. Pre-Printed Water Activated Tape is designed for quick and permanent application. The flexible paper tape is good for sealing irregular surfaces. The fiberglass yarns, woven within the tape, reinforce the tape and provide additional strength. The manufacturer recommends using two strips for carton sealing (top & bottom), recycled cartons, non-unitized loads, average to heavyweight cartons up to 65 lbs. Pre-printed "Red Alert" message on the tape. The starch bases adhesive is activated by water when used with a machine. It bonds well with cardboard and fiberboard cartons.


3 3/16 in. x 450 ft. Water Activated Paper Tape Central 270 Feature Details

  • Type: Water Activated Tape
  • Material: Paper, Starch Adhesive
  • Color: Pre-Printed
  • Width: 81 mm (3.18 inches)
  • Length: 450 ft
  • Uses: Carton and Box Sealing
  • Recyclable: Yes

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