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Disposable Forehead Thermometers

Disposable Forehead Thermometer

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CDC Guidance Disposable Forehead Thermometers

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Disposable Forehead Thermometers

Forehead thermometers are an excellent way to check daily for fevers without breaching proper social distancing. Liquid crystal technology-based, FDA registered forehead thermometers provide a simple, cost-effective tool for monitoring body temperature.


COVID-19 Update: The CDC has issued guidance that essential workers should have their temperature taken before individuals enter the facility to begin work. Disposable thermometers are a cost and time-effective solution that allows you to monitor temperature throughout the day and still maintain appropriate social distance.


Reusable Forehead Thermometers Specifications

  • Adhesive-backed paper
  • single-use
  • Made in the USA


How To USe ATI Disposable Thermometer


Thermometers should be used indoor and at room temperature (approximately 68 degrees - 86 degrees F). Avoid direct sunlight or strong heat when taking temperature. Do not take temperature if individual has been eating, drinking or exercising within the last 30 minutes due to the possibility of temperature fluctuation.


  • Peel thermometer from the backing and apply to clean/dry forehead. Color will begin developing within 15 seconds.
  • Read thermometer while on forehead:


Green: correct temperature: If you do not see green, blue or tan colors will appear: Blue: add 1 degree F. If Tan: subtract 1degree F. Always consult your physician if a fever exists. The reusable thermometer may be cleaned with a soft cloth

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