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Specimen Shield Specimen Bags and Laboratory Specimen Transport Bags

Safety & Convenience, Our Reclosable Specimen Shield Lab Bags Serve Both Needs.

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Specimen lab transport bags - specimen pouches - laboratory bags - LDPE 3 layer zip locking kangaroo bags with document Pouch

Biohazard specimen bags, also known as hospital lab bags, offer safety and convenience. Our reclosable Specimen Shield™ bags serve both needs. These unique laboratory specimen transport bags incorporate a zipper specimen compartment and document pouch. Biohazard specimen bags protect health care workers from specimen leaks and keep their contents free from contaminants such as dirt and/or moisture. The document pouch is a helpful way of keeping patient information from being lost or contaminated. Biohazard lab transport bags for lab specimens are sometimes called 3 wall, tri-wall, or three-wall zip-locking bags with a back pouch for documents. Lab bags are available in several stock sizes. Custom specimen shield specimen bags and laboratory specimen transport bags can be manufactured to your exact specifications. These bags are similar to Lab Guard™ Bags by Minigrip. They are also known as Labguard bags.


Also known as LDPE plastic kangaroo biohazard plastic zip locking bags with compartments for specimens and paperwork. FDA facility registration / FEI number is #1054436. Our bags are 510(k) exempt. D149416 Exempt NNI container, specimen, non-sterile


Specimen shield brand specimen bags are a registered trademark of International Plastics, Inc.

Easy ziplocking closure, even when wearing gloves.

The back pocket keeps patient information protected and secure.

The integrated tear off area with the printed "Tear Across Bag" text makes it easy to access the bags contents.

Medical industry products related to specimen shield bags

Our unique laboratory specimen bags incorporate a zipper locking specimen compartment & document pouch. Our exclusive Specimen Shield™ Biohazard specimen bags protect health care workers from specimen leaks as well as keeping their contents free from contaminants such as dirt and or moisture. Biohazard specimen transport bags are available in several stock sizes or customized to your specifications. 


Our Tri-Wall Specimen Shield™ lab bag conforms to NCCLS specimen handling guidelines for secondary containment. The bright red and black biohazard print is easily noticed and meets OSHA specs. V.A. hospitals and other major medical institutions use these Specimen Shield™ bags in their labs and clinics. Bags are available in plain (Item# CZSP09), biohazard print (Item# CZSB09 or CZSB10), or custom-made to order to meet your specifications Custom Reclosable Zipper Locking Bag With Pocket with or without requisition pouch - stock or custom sizes. Bio-Hazard or Biohazard bags with pouch, zip locking specimen "Shield" bags incorporate a 3 wall design including zipper specimen bag and an attached document pouch that are separated from each other, therefore keeping paperwork dry and easy to get to during transit. The reclosable bag protects healthcare personnel from specimen leaks. The document pouch prevents the patient information from being misplaced or compromised. Its closure and wide seal polyethylene construction protect health care workers from accidental hazardous infections such as AIDS and hepatitis B. With this beneficial security, lab workers will feel more secure about specimen handling.


We certify that cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, and mercury are not intentionally introduced into our product’s formulation; and that the cumulative sum concentration of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, and mercury does not exceed 100 parts per million (ppm). We certify that our products comply with the following elemental content restrictions: Antimony (Sb) not to exceed 60 ppm, maximum; Arsenic (As) 25 ppm, maximum; Barium (Ba) 500 ppm, maximum; Cadmium (Cd) 75 ppm, maximum; Chromium (Cr) 60 ppm, maximum; Lead (Pb) 90 ppm, maximum; Mercury (Hg) 60 ppm, maximum; Selenium (Se) 500 ppm, maximum.  

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