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Forehead Thermometers

Forehead Thermometers Information

The CDC has issued guidance that essential workers should have their temperature taken before individuals enter the facility to begin work. Disposable thermometers are a cost and time-effective solution that allows you to monitor temperature throughout the day and still maintain appropriate social distance.

During this pandemic, early and often fever detection can be the difference between someone spreading the disease to hundreds of co-workers, or self-quarantining and receiving early treatment. SpotSee Forehead thermometers are FDA registered and are a simple, cost-effective tool for monitoring body temperature while maintaining social distancing.

Traditional infrared thermometers may be non-touch, but often require the taker to be closer than 6 feet to get an accurate reading, thus comprising the temperature taker and anyone he-she later interacts with. We offer both disposable and reusable forehead thermometers.

Forehead Thermometer

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