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Custom Printed Cigar Bags

Types of Bags To Use For Customized Cigar Bags

If you are simply putting your customer cigar shop purchases in a clear reclosable bag. You are missing one of the best and most important chances to market to customers by using custom-printed cigar bags. With a custom bag, you can instantly communicate your logo, store name, and business information. This way, customers will be able to recall your company name, where you are located, and any other special message you would like to convey to them. Not only that, but research shows that a custom-printed cigar bag can help your business grow things like simple word of mouth.

Tpes of Bags To Use For Customized Cigar Bags

We offer three different styles of bags to print for custom cigar bags. These three bag styles are listed here and below is more descriptive information. 3 types of custom cigar bags are zipper Locking, slider Lock, and stand-up barrier bags. 

Slider Lock for Custom Cigar Bags
  1. (Good) Slider-Lock for Custom Cigar Bags:  


These bags offer the least amount of protection against protecting a cigar’s moisture level and freshness. These bags are often used when the cigar is going to be smoked in the near futurer. be smoked soon and customers want an easy bag to open the cigar to smoke it.

Zip Locking For Custom Cigar Bags

2. (BETTER) Zip Locking For Custom Cigar Bags:


These bags offer better protection for cigars' moisture and freshness. The reclosable zipper closures insures the bags is completly sealed, compared to a  Slider-Lock, .All bags have impressive clearness, odorless, and are BPA free.

Laminated Stand-Up Pouch Bags

3. (Best) Laminated Stand-Up Pouch Bags:


We offer these bags with a low minimum of 500 bags using our digital printed method. These bags use multiple layers of material which can preserve a cigar's taste and freshness for months. They can be opened and closed numberious times with its  ziplock,keeping cigars fresh.


Here at International Plastics, we understand what makes a good custom-printed cigar bag. With custom cigar bags, you capitalize on your branding/marketing opportunities all the while protecting and preserving the freshness of the cigars purchased from your shop. We can custom print cigar bags with your logo, your address, and other things. This helps your customers remember you and there will be no mistaking where the cigar came from.

Styles of Custom Cigar Bags and How They Can Grow Business!

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