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Water Humidifier Pillows in POS Display Bowl


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Water Humidifier Pillows in Display Bowl

  • Stock # CZGHUM-DISP
  • Qty/Case 1
  • Color Clear
  • Weight 3.1 lbs

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Display Bowl and Water Pillows - 50 Pouches/Bowl


These space-saving humidifiers will keep cigars from drying out and fresh tasting. Simply soak a dry water pillow hydration cell in distilled water for 20 to 30 seconds and the water-absorbing crystals will soak up the water. Now put the pillow back inside the blue Zip Locking ventilated breathable bag and close. Place in a humidor or travel case with cigars or pipe tobacco for 30-45 days of effective humidification. When dry, repeat these steps again to recharge and reactivate. The POS (Point Of Sale) plastic hexagonal fishbowl display with the 50 included water pillow pouches is a great compact item that allows your customers to know that you have their smoking enjoyment in mind. Discerning cigar and tobacco patrons are sure to buy water pillow pouches to keep their recent purchase in as fresh of condition as possible. Since these reusable portable humidifier pouches are reusable they are one of the best most affordable ways to ensure properly hydrated cigars or pipe tobacco. These blue-colored water pillows are an excellent portable humidifier for cigars, pipe tobacco & RYO/ MYO enjoyment.

The preprinted label on top of the hexagonal "fishbowl" allows the smoke shop owner to easily allow a customer to know how much each pillow costs.

Display Bowl and Portable Humidifiers for Cigars

  • Standard size blue water pillow (2.9" wide x 4.0" tall x 0.25" thick)
  • Keeps up to 10 cigars humidified
  • The humidification lasts 30-45 days under normal circumstances before needing to be rehydrated
  • Reusable


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