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1 unit Desi-Pak #3785 5x3.5 Clay Desiccant Packets

1 unit Desi-Pak #3785 5x3.5 Clay Desiccant Packets

1 Unit Clay Desiccant Packets

1 unit Desi-Pak #3785 5x3.5 Clay Desiccant Packets

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1 Unit Clay Desiccant Packets

Stock #: DS04
    Original Price $111.06
    $92.55 / Pail of 300

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QuantityPiecesEachTotalYou Save
1 Pail300$0.3085$92.5516.7%
12 Pails3600$0.2990$1,076.4019.2%
24 Pails7200$0.2960$2,131.2020.0%
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  • Stock # DS04
  • Qty/Pail 300
  • MaterialClay
  • Weight 28.8 lbs

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Item Description

1 Clay Desiccant 3 x 4.5 - Desi Pak #3785 - Kraft Paper

Stock #: DS04

GTIN: 00631546040580

1 Clay Desiccant 3 x 4.5 with a Kraft Paper pack protects 0.83 Cu. Ft. of products in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and diagnostics from moisture damage.


  • Current Material # 25424127698
  • Desi Pak #3785
  • Protects: 0.83 CUBIC FEET
  • Pouch Type: Kraft Paper
  • Sorbent Type: Bentonite
  • Standards: MIL-D-3464, TYPE I & II MIL-P-118
  • Fed. Stock # 6850-00-264-6035

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Click to download Safety Data Sheet(s) (SDSs) for products to inform you and to help you protect the health and safety of your personnel and to comply with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorlzatlon Act of 1986. The OSHA standard requires that all personnel who may be exposed to hazardous materials must be provided by their employer with accurate Information on the potential hazards of the materials and trained In proper work practices to minimize any risk. 3 x 4.5 Desiccant Packs SDS

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