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16 inch Sealer Service Kit for 16 inch Impulse Hand Operated Manual Sealer with built in Trimmer

16" Sealer Service Kit with Blade

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Item Description

16 inch Impulse Sealer wiht trimmer Service Kit

Stock #: SMH400C-R

GTIN: 00631546029592

Each 16" Sealer Repair Kit for 16" Impulse Hand Sealer with Trimmer comes with 2 heating elements, 2 lower PTFE non stick strips, 1 blade and 1 upper PTFE non stick strip. It is always a smart idea to have more than one replacement heating wire and more then one lower PTFE non stick strip on hand so that production never misses a beat.

16 inch Sealer Service Kit for 16" Impulse Hand Operated Manual Sealer with built in Trimmer

Please follow these instructions for replacing element wires and teflon covers and insulator strip.

1. Unplug unit.

2. Unscrew (2 philips head screws) and remove cutter bar.

3. Unscrew chrome side plate and remove teflon cover. This exposes element wire.

4. Unhook old wire from post. Remove insulator strip below wire. Replace adhesive strip cover all exposed metal.

5. Reattach new element wire, cover with new teflon, replace side plate and cutter bar.


To Replace Cutting Blade

1. Slide cutter handle to cutout notch on upper arm and lift out.

2. Loosen (do not remove) screw and use pier to remove and install new blade.

3. Slide new blade in and tighten screw. Be careful of sharp blade. Reverse #1.



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