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4 Mil Printed "PARTS" & "SAMPLES" Zip Locking Bags

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4 Mil Printed
Preprinted medium to heavy-duty 4 mil "PARTS" & "SAMPLES" Zip Locking Bags make for easy storage and identification. White blocks can be written on with a pen or marker to add identification or special instructions. Bags have to hang holes above the zipper.

Pre-Printed Parts & Pre-Printed Samples Bag features:

Save Time with Pre-Printed Parts & Samples Bags

Printed "PARTS" & "SAMPLES" Zip Locking Bags are a type of plastic bag that features a resealable zipper closure and are printed with the words "PARTS" or "SAMPLES" on the front. These bags are commonly used in manufacturing and distribution industries to help organize and label small parts or samples of products.


The bags are made from durable, high-quality plastic that is resistant to tears, punctures, and moisture. The zip-locking feature ensures that the contents of the bag remain secure and protected from the elements. The printed labels make it easy to identify the contents of the bag, helping to improve efficiency and organization in the workplace.


In addition to the "PARTS" and "SAMPLES" labels, these bags can also be custom-printed with other labeling or branding messages to meet the specific needs of a business or organization. This makes them a popular choice for businesses that want to increase brand recognition and promote their products or services.


Overall, printed "PARTS" & "SAMPLES" Zip Locking Bags are an effective organizational tool for businesses in the manufacturing and distribution industries. They help to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and protect the contents of the bags from damage or contamination.

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