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Carry Out Bottle Bags

Wine Bottle Bags & Wine Gift Bags

We have two styles of bottle bags with distinct purposes and materials. Wine Bottle Gift Bags are a popular choice as gift bags for vineyards and wine stores.

  • Simple, clear and elegant close with a ribbon or bow (Magnum 1.5L bottle shown in image)
  • Made from Acrylic Coated Polypropylene (BOPP)
  • Offers great clarity and feel

Wine To Go Bags

  • Clear and pre-printed Wine To Go Bags are perfect to offer restaurant patrons for taking home partially consumed bottles of wine in a tamper-proof to go bags so as not to be in violation of open container laws.
  • Choose between clear and pre-printed 2 color grapevine design LDPE
  • Die cut handle for easy bottle carrying
  • Tamper Evident Peel-n-Stick closure
  • See Washable Paper Wine Bottle Bags

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