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Custom Water Activated Tape

Custom Kraft Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape also referred to as paper tape or gummed paper tape, has a starch-based adhesive that creates a strong and permanent bond. Water activated paper tapes are offered in both fiberglass reinforced and plain paper.

Custom Water Activated Tape Features:

What's the difference between reinforced and non-reinforced water activated tape?

Reinforced water activated tape has fiberglass yarn woven between the sheets of kraft paper to give it additional strength and tearing resistance. Reinforced tape is recommended for heavier packages. It cannot be ripped cleanly by hand. We recommend using a Better Packages tape dispenser for dispensing reinforced gummed paper tape. 

How to use water activated tape?

Water-activated tape, also known as gummed or kraft paper tape, is a type of packaging tape that requires water to activate the adhesive. Here are the basic steps for using water-activated tape with a dispenser:

    1. Fill the dispenser with water and adjust the water level as necessary.
    2. Load the roll of water-activated tape into the dispenser, making sure it is fed through the wetting system.
    3. Cut the desired length of tape with the built-in cutter or scissors.
    4. Peel the tape from the dispenser and press it onto the package, making sure to press down firmly to ensure a secure seal.
    5. When using water-activated tape, it is important to keep the tape moist by occasionally running it through the water in the dispenser. This will activate the adhesive and ensure a strong bond.

It is also a good practice to make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the tape, this would ensure the tape sticks to the surface properly.


How to use water activated tape without a dispenser?

Although a dispenser makes the process of applying water activated tape easier, it is not necessary. Here are the basic steps for using water-activated tape without a dispenser:

    1. Cut a piece of tape to the desired length.
    2. Moisten the tape by running it through a tray of water or by dampening it with a sponge or brush.
    3. Carefully press out any excess water and apply the tape to the package, making sure to press down firmly to ensure a secure seal.

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