Soft Loop Handle Bags

Soft Loop Handle Bags

Soft loop handle bags serve multiple purposes as well as conveying an upscale look. The expandable bottom gusset and the soft loop handles, one on each side of the bag, keep contents secured during travel. Use these bags when you want to increase stability, reduce movement, and the possibility of breakage.

Your customer's purchase might be a delicate pie or a large item that is difficult to carry this bag is the final touch for a happy and satisfied customer. These soft loop handle bags keep that pie in one piece until it gets home, meaning the type of bag you choose will make the difference between a happy customer and a disappointed one. These bags are uniquely attractive and durable with a soft loop handle design.

Call the Ameritote carryout Bag Experts! International Plastics is THE wholesale supplier of soft loop handle bags. 

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Walking bilboard soft loop handle bags

They make great to-go bags for upscale restaurants that want to discreetly decorate leftovers. These soft loop handle bags display at a glance the value of what's inside. Different sized businesses, from a 2 person operation store, to a multi million dollar a year franchise will see the benefits when they display their products in such high regard.

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