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Custom Cotton and Poly Drawstring Plastic Bags

Custom-printed cotton drawstring bags and custom poly drawstring bags are some of the most used for tradeshows, conventions, and events where you are giving things away to people. Why are they one of the best custom print bags do you ask? They have a large printable area front and back that will be carried around the event allowing people to see your company or cause. Because these bags are lightweight, durable, and practicable custom printed drawstring bags can be reused as book bags, overnight bags, travel bags, sports bags, and more. Your company name, logo, and or mission are proudly printed on these cotton and poly drawstring bags for everyone to see. We offer low minimums, wholesale prices on custom drawstring bags, and a money-back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with each custom-made drawstring bag.

Learn About Custom Cotton Drawstring Bags & Poly Tape Drawstring Bags

Three Types of Custom Printed Drawstring Bags

  1. Custom Printed Draw Tape Bags (Closesure top of bag): These bags have an elegant look but are waterproof and tear-resistant because they are made from 2.5 Mil LDPE low-density poly film. Hotel valet services, laundry bags, golf tournaments, new product introductions, conventions, and tradeshows are just a few of the applications our customers have used with custom-printed poly-draw tape bags. Customers like them because they can stuff all of their papers and items got from a convention or tradeshow in the bag, secure the bag by pulling the bag closed, and the poly draw tape is now a handle to carry around everything you collected during the day.The two advantages of using custom poly draw tape bags over cotton drawstring bags are that are less expensive, and the “tape” used as the drawstring is recyclable.
  2. Custom Printed Cotton Drawstring Bag (Closesure top of bag): Custom-printed cotton drawstring plastic bags are also a popular choice by our customers for hospitality events, retail, trade shows, conventions, promotional materials, and more. These bags are also constructed of 2.5 Mil LDPE poly film making them waterproof and tear resistant. These custom cotton drawstring bags close the same way as the poly draw tape bags, but the cotton drawstring last longer than poly drawstrings and are stronger so they can carry more weight. Custom cotton drawstring bags also have a draw-tight top making it easy to open, close, and use the string as a handle.
  3. Custom Printed Shoulder Tote Plastic Bag  (Closesure on the side closes bags top): These are very similar to cotton drawstring bags, in that they are made from 2.5 Mil LDPE plastic, have a large printing area on the front and back of the bag, and have the extra added strength of a cotton drawstring to carrier heavier items in the bag. There are also several differences between shoulder drawstring bags and top drawstring bags.  Custom shoulder tote drawstring bags double the cotton rope around the top to ensure the bag is tightly closed shut. When closed the shoulder drawstring performs like a backpack strap. This allows you to sling this bag over your shoulder for hands-free carrying. ever else they would like to print on these bags. Custom shoulder cotton drawstring tote bags use a double drawstring closure to secure the top of the bag.

Custom Printed Drawstring Bags Great Way To Market Your Company

Repetition is a key foundation of any company's marketing campaign. Imagine when you are at a tradeshow, convention, or event you are often given 10’ if not 100’s of papers, candy, samples, and other promotional items. If you are giving out your papers, candy, samples or other promotional swag items in a custom printed cotton drawstring bag or custom poly draw tape bag this accomplishes your marketing strategy of repetition. Customs will not only use your heavy-duty custom drawstring bags to collect materials about your company. You’ll be able to reach customers and business leaders far outside of the events walls because these bags are often reused several times.


Because these bags can neatly fold down after you take items out of them, you are left with a handy drawstring bag that are useful and are often reused several times. Below we have listed several examples of how custom-printed drawstring poly bags are reused for several things. Think about thousands of eyeballs that will see your company name and logo!


  1. Traveling: Opposed to putting items you might frequently use in the bottom of suitcases with could place them in a custom drawstring bag for easy retrieval. Here are some items for example, books, snacks, socks, mouthwash, toothbrushes, etc. 
  2. Playing Sports: Depending on the sport you’re playing you can put socks, shoes, your jersey or uniform, balls, etc.
  3. Electronics: Any small (circuity boards, RAM, hard Drives) or large electricians like (a mouse, monitor, laptop, or a PlayStation)

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