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Retail Header Bags

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Retail Header Bags

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Header Bags
Used as candy bags, stationary bags, and more. All of our Retail Header Bags meet FDA & USDA specifications and are BPA-free. Clear 1.6 Mil OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) material provides good clarity and a premium feel. Our poly header bags have a built-in hang hole for retail display.

Header Bag Features:

Retail header bags are a type of plastic bag with a header or hanging tab at the top that allows it to be hung on retail store display racks.


In retail businesses, these bags are widely used to package smaller objects such as toys, tools, jewelry, and other products that may be readily exhibited on hooks or pegs. They are also often used to package food items such as sweets, almonds, and snack foods.


The inclusion of a header or hanging tab is one of the primary distinctions between retail header bags and other types of bags. Because they can be simply hung on hooks or pegs, they are more practical for exhibiting products in a retail atmosphere. Retail header bags are frequently made of thinner plastic material than other types of bags, making them lighter and less expensive.


The printing and branding choices offered distinguish retail header bags from other types of bags. To help promote the products being sold, retail header bags can be customized with company logos, product information, and marketing messaging. As a result, they are an effective marketing tool for shops trying to improve brand visibility and drive sales.

Retail Header Bags

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