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Food Storage Freezer Bags

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Minigrip Reclosable Food Storage Bags

Minigrip Reclosable Freezer Food Storage Bags

Double-Zippered Zip Lock Bags

6x8 double track zipper bags

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9x12 double track zipper bags

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12x15 double track zipper bags

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Food Storage Freezer Bags
International Plastics takes great pains to ensure that our product offering can measure up to the demands of our professional food service customers and those that need to have a product that is dependable. That is why we choose to make available Minigrip Colorzip high-quality and trusted poly food storage bags and freezer bags. Much like our ClearZip® bags these poly food storage bags feature premium easy open/close zippers and external grip strips to simplify handling, even when wearing latex gloves. The MiniGrip food service bags come packaged in sturdy self-dispensing cardboard boxes that are great for busy kitchen and food prep environments. Food service professionals ask for our Minigrip reclosable poly food storage bags by name. Look for the trademark blue/green zipper. It distinguishes the Colorzip Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags.

Why do kitchen managers, prep cooks & bakers prefer Minigrip?

These reclosable poly food storage bags meet FDA, USDA, and Kosher approval requirements for food contact. These bags will help save the home or professional kitchen money. Storing properly portioned and labeled food is critical to the success of any business. These reclosable bags have improved cold-fracture resistance for short freezing (1-2 weeks).


The poly food storage bags will work well in the recommended 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for refrigerated items. The reclosable poly food storage freezer bags are thicker and are therefore a great choice for the suggested 0 degrees freezing temperature.


No poly food storage bag is entirely liquid-tight. These reclosable poly food storage bags close securely and have a heavy-duty locking zipper. Be sure to allow any hot food or ingredients to cool to room temperature before placing them in the bags to either be refrigerated or frozen.


A large offset lip on the top of the bag allows for easy and quick separation between the sides of the bag for easy opening. The grip ridges above the zipper make for easy handling—even while wearing food handling gloves The write-on white block label makes it easy to keep track of the content of the bag and helps prevent cross-contamination while also allowing for the date to be easily seen and adhered to.


The trademarked ColorZip Blue/Green zipper assures you of the highest quality reclosable food and freezer bags. The blue tint of the bags helps to remind the user that this is a slightly different reclosable bag than our ClearZip® brand Zip Locking bags and that they are intended for a cold walk-in refrigerator or freezer.


These Reclosable Poly Food storage Bags are packaged in a superior crush-resistant dispenser cardboard case that offers not only protection but a perforated tear-out section for easy dispensing.

MiniGrip ColorZip poly food storage bags have a rating of "Superior" in the manufacturing environment by the American Sanitation Institute.


Minigrip bags are manufactured from polyethylene (PE) and are specifically, blends of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE).


The typical melt point of an LDPE / LLDPE film blend ranges from 105 to 115C (221 to 239F) but the film begins to soften below these temperatures. The boiling point of water is nominally 212 F which is why LDPE / LLDPE film polyethylene bags will typically soften/fall apart in boiling water.


The typical glass transition temperature of an LDPE / LLDPE film begins at -80C (-112F). Glass transition temperature refers to the temperature where the film can “cold fracture”. Cold fracture, where the film begins to break, can begin at temperatures near or below -50 C (-58F). LDPE / LLDPE bags can perform acceptably at dry ice temperatures (-79C or -109F) for defined, short periods.

The ability of an LDPE / LLDPE film to resist breakdown at extreme temperatures is a function of time AND temperature. For applications that approach upper or lower limits, performance will be dependent upon time and other atmospheric conditions (altitude, etc.) in addition to temperature. End-user is responsible for testing Minigrip bags in their specific application to ensure fitness for use.

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