1 Gallon Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags

1 Gallon Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags1 Gallon Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags with Write On White Block1 Gallon Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags in Self Dispensing Case1 Gallon Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags in Sealed Case

1 Gallon Reclosable Poly Food Storage Bags

  • Stock # MGF11011
  • Qty/Case 250
  • W x L 10-1/2" x 11"
  • Thickness 1.75 mil
  • Color Blue Tint
  • Weight 5.6 lbs

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Double Zip Closure One Gallon Food Storage Bag by MiniGrip ColorZip

Stock #: MGF11011

GTIN: 00631546050053

These 1-gallon blue-tinted poly food storage bags by Minigrip are perfect for helping to keep pre-portioned food at the ready either from the shelf or out of the refrigerator. The two zippers at the top of the bag securely lock in the freshness and moisture, while keeping the air out. The professional or even the home kitchen will appreciate the write-on label to help identify the contents and when it was bagged. The home kitchen will find these bags useful for more than just packing snacks, leftovers, candy, and cookies. MiniGrip ColorZip bags are found in restaurant kitchens and bakeries worldwide. Preserve seafood, produce, costly cuts of beef, and any other item you need to save for later use. The superior seal will exceed the demands of the professional and help to keep ingredients and food fresh and from being contaminated or drying out.  The textured lip above the zipper has ridges to allow for easy gripping even while wearing food handling gloves. The preprinted writable white label is a must to help keep food costs down and identify the bag's contents. The bags contain 0% pre-consumer waste recycled content, 0% post-consumer waste content, and 0% recycled content to meet the requirements of the FDA, USDA & Kosher needs. The sturdy yet convenient self-dispenser box helps keep your kitchen organized and the poly food storage bags close at hand. Look for the trademark blue/green zipper; it distinguishes the reclosable foodservice MiniGrip reclosable poly food storage bags.

Minigrip bags are manufactured from polyethylene (PE) and are specifically, blends of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). 


The typical melt point of an LDPE / LLDPE film blend ranges from 105 to 115C (221 to 239F) but the film begins to soften below these temperatures.  The boiling point of water is nominally 212 F which is why LDPE / LLDPE film polyethylene bags will typically soften/fall apart in boiling water. 


The typical glass transition temperature of an LDPE / LLDPE film begins at -80C (-112F).  Glass transition temperature refers to the temperature where the film can “cold fracture”.  Cold fracture, where the film begins to break, can begin at temperatures near or below -50 C (-58F).  LDPE / LLDPE bags can perform acceptably at dry ice temperatures (-79C or -109F) for defined, short periods of time. 


The ability of an LDPE / LLDPE film to resist breakdown at extreme temperatures is a function of time AND temperature.  For applications that approach upper or lower limits, performance will be dependent upon time and other atmospheric conditions (altitude, etc.) in addition to temperature.  End-user is responsible for testing Minigrip bags in their specific application to ensure fitness for use.


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