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Plain White Prescription Bags

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Plain white paper prescription bags

Our pharmacy bags have a clean, professional look made of kraft white paper. Each bag is designed for easy folding and expansion. These incredible paper prescription bags are only available in white kraft paper and are great for drug stores, pharmacies, hospitals, vitamin shops, candy stores and much more! Customize with your brand name or logo for the perfect touch.

Precription Bag Features:

Pharmacy bags are a type of paper bag used to package and transport prescription medications and other pharmaceutical items. These bags are typically made from brown or white kraft paper and are available in a variety of sizes.


Pharmacy bags typically feature a gusseted design, which allows the bag to expand and accommodate larger items.


One of the key features of pharmacy bags is that they can be customized with important information about the medication, including the name of the patient, the dosage, and any other relevant instructions or warnings. This helps ensure that the medication is properly identified and used as prescribed.


Pharmacy bags may also feature special printing or labeling to indicate that they contain medication and should be handled with care. This helps prevent accidental ingestion or other errors that could result in harm.


Overall, pharmacy bags are an important tool for pharmacies and other healthcare providers. They provide a safe and secure way to package and transport medications, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the patient and healthcare provider.

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