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  • Amber UV Protection Reclosable Bags

    The preferred brand ClearZip Amber UV Reclosable Bags and the common brand Minigrip UV Lab Guard Bags protect photosensitive products from ultraviolet rays and other contaminants.  ClearZip Amber Reclosables meet USP XXII and USPIII procedure 66.1 for light transmission not exceeding 10% at any wavelength from 290nm to 450nm.

Reclosable Amber UVI Bags For Reliable UV Protection

Why do customers prefer ClearZip Amber UV Protection pharmaceutical bags?

ClearZip™ provide high quality UV protection while their premium zipper creates an airtight seal. During transfer or storage of photosensitive products such as medication, food additives, or electronics, the Photosensitive Bags assure complete protection from the sun and outside contaminants. Each Amber UV Bag is constructed of a sturdy 3-mil gauge material for added strength and protection. The ultra violet light protection in these amber bags prevent brittleness, cracking, drying, fading, and discoloration that comes from exposure to UV light. The amber color makes identification of "light-sensitive" contents easy. These Amber Medical Bags are also available as a custom order in Clear and Black opaque film.


Keep Your Light-Sensitive Products Protected From UV Light With ClearZip