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Kraft Easy Fold Mailers

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Multi-Depth Kraft Bookfold Mailers

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Kraft Easy Fold Mailers
Kraft Adjustable Book Fold Mailers are an easy, fast, and economical mailing option. These variable-depth Kraft Book fold Mailers help reduce the need for multiple box sizes. Lightweight and strong construction of 200# test, B-flute corrugated fiberboard.

Kraft Adjustable Bookfold Mailer Features:

Some general points to think over when considering white easy-fold mailers

Material Color and Appearance:

In most cases, Kraft paper will be a rustic brown in hue. Its classic style and low environmental impact make it suitable for companies and consumers who care about these issues.
Strength and Durability:
The strength and longevity of Kraft paper are well-known. It can withstand tearing and support larger loads, making it an excellent option for shipping fragile objects.
Customization and Branding:
Many companies who care about their environmental impact or wish to project a more rustic image opt for kraft materials. They can be imprinted, stamped, or labeled to reflect a company's style.
Environmental Considerations:
Kraft paper's unbleached wood fiber content gives it a rustic, earthy look and feel. It's generally preferred because of its environmental benefits over traditional white products.
Audience and Product Type:
Shipping materials made of kraft paper may be more appealing to customers who care about the environment or who value the handmade quality of the products they purchase.

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